Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

As Canada’s leading child and youth mentoring charity, Big Brothers Big Sisters facilitates life-changing relationships that inspire and empower children and youth to reach their potential, both as individuals and citizens.

” We believe in the value and

values of mentoring. “

Wanting to Volunteer in your


We are always looking for volunteers who like to face paint, are interested in working at bingo or volunteers that would like to work at other events that support our cause. If you are interested in donating some of your time, call our office at (306) 782-3471. All volunteers are greatly appreciated!

Why Be a Mentor?

For just a few hours a couple of times a month, you can help a child succeed. Big Brothers Big Sisters is different from other mentoring organizations in that we seek volunteers who are committed and consistent, willing to serve at least a year, but we hope until a child graduates high school. Studies show that by doing so, our mentoring services help kids stay in school, avoid risky behaviour, and experience first-hand the importance of helping others in their community.

Professional staff is there to work with you, the child and the family throughout the course of the mentoring relationship to provide necessary training and support. Funding allows us to carefully make and support more matches. Sometimes, the supply of volunteers and kids is greater than the necessary agency funding. We are grateful for your willingness to be involved and while it is certainly not a requirement, we welcome you to also become a donor –  as you volunteer or wait to be matched.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yorkton and Area

345 Broadway Street West
Yorkton, Saskatchewan


Yorkton S.P.C.A.

Yorkton S.P.C.A.

Yorkton Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals

was incorporated in May 1977.
We help place surrendered, abandoned, neglected and abused animals into responsible, committed, life long loving homes.  Our animals best interest is our first interest.  We are also the cities local animal pound and thus collect fines on behalf of the city and also issue city dog tags.

Our Mission

… is to find the best homes for the animals that come through our doors and to educate people in hopes of making more responsible lifetime pet owners.

“Help Us Help The Voiceless”

The Society is a non-profit charitable organization, funded by donations.  We ask for your support and thank you “On Behalf of the Voiceless”.
Your donation will be used to operate the only animal shelter in the Parkland area, located in Yorkton, and to assist to perform other animal related services.  The shelter houses, stray, unwanted and injured animals, returns lost pets to owners and provides pets for adoption.  Other services include pet therapy visits to local nursing homes, educational programs at local area schools, in house tours and access to investigators for cases of animal abuse.

“Be a Part of the Solution . . .
Please Spay and Neuter.”

Yorkton SPCA
79 7th Avenue South
Yorkton, Sask


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